What's trending in 2024? Kitchenware and Electricals

2023 was big on kitchen trends with the air fryer continuing to see a huge rise in popularity, not least because of the cost of living crisis. The slow cooker also saw something of a revival for many of the same reasons. The big question as we head into 2024 is just what will we see trending in the kitchenware department this year? 

Kitchen Trends 2024

Read on to discover some of the predicted kitchenware trends for 2024 and hopefully, you will be as excited by them as we are. 

Stacking is in

The problem with modern kitchens is that they are often lacking in space. Whilst many modern homeowners have tended towards cooking less and relying on quick easy meals, the popularity of cooking food from scratch, and even baking bread has suddenly become hugely popular. This is in part due to rising prices, which have meant those who enjoy eating out have been recreating their favourite dishes at home instead. 

Where a lack of storage space in the kitchen isn’t a problem then storing all of those pots, pans and cooking gadgets is easy but where space is at a premium then it can certainly be an issue. The first item that is trending for 2024 is pretty much any item, or items, of kitchenware that help to save space.  

This might be all in one cookware that has the capability to collapse, stack or fold in order to take up as little space as possible. Pans that can be stacked can also be a good option for saving space. And when it is combined with great colours, also another trend for 2024 then there is less need to pack these away in a cupboard as they look great as a feature on an open shelf or even placed on your hob. Denby have some stunning colours in their casserole selection that are a perfect example of this. 


Neutral colours are still a good choice in kitchens but as we move into 2024, colour is becoming an increasingly important design feature and this means kitchenware that will really help to give your kitchen that little extra. Accessories like bold coloured storage jars, colourful oven dishes and even carefully placed bold coloured trivets are a great way of adding a splash of colour without going overboard. The good thing about adding colour to your kitchen with the kitchenware that you choose is that should you want to change the colour scheme, it’s a really simple task to select new items, and there is no messy DIY involved. 


As a finish, stainless steel has been around for many years and has survived through a number of trends and looks. It has appeared in the kitchen in a number of guises from lighting to worktops, hardware to appliances. This is a sustainable and timeless material that is incredibly robust and has a long association with the professional kitchen but has also made its mark in the domestic setting as well. 

Uncoated stainless steel kitchenware have been a very popular choice in recent years, as people are choosing to spend more time in the kitchen and want to invest in a range of different cookware options. Due to its professional and classic look and feel, this is the natural progression from non-stick coated stainless steel. 

Pressure cookers are also making a comeback and there are some stunning options out there that would look fantastic on display. This is not only an on trend item of kitchenware but a very practical choice as well for any kitchen. 

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