The Good Thing Is Though

I’m Sarah and I’ve been blogging since 2017, just after the birth of my third son. People told me all the time; “You need to write a blog about your kids because they’re absolutely crackers!”

I bit the bullet and set up the blog ‘Pearls of Kiddom’. I quickly built up a lovely engaged following on Facebook and later Instagram.

When the pandemic hit; like everyone else I felt anxious, confused, and despite being surrounded by family; I felt very alone. I decided I would set up a little group on Facebook called #thegoodthingisthough.

The idea was that members would post any moments of positivity they had found amongst the chaos, encouraging others to look on the bright side. Within a couple of weeks we had grown to 13000 members, all cheering each other on, celebrating little wins, and making each other laugh. It was truly uplifting to see this online community spring up!

I decided to harness this incredible energy and begin working with charities who were being affected adversely by the pandemic. I quickly launched a range of merchandise to raise funds for Childline and Maggie’s Cancer Centres and it sold better than I ever imagined.

In September I launched my website and weekly ‘Humpday Happiness Injection’ newsletter, aiming to drop a smile into my subscribers inboxes every single week.

Plans for the Future

I would love my site to grow into something of a digital magazine. Keeping the focus on positivity and hope, I want to write about lifestyle, parenting, health and fitness. I am eager to partner with brands and other influencers who share my passion for cheering people up! I would love to continue working with charities and share ways that everyone can do their bit to help out both within their community, and nationally.

If you would like to advertise on the site or would like me to write an article or product review please contact me via email or through my social media channels.



Facebook - Pearls of Kiddom

Facebook Group - #thegoodthingisthough

Instagram - Pearls of Kiddom

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