Packaging has become a controversial topic as it’s now one of the main sources of single use plastics and materials which damage the environment. Lil Packaging is a packaging company that has set out to develop an alternative style packaging. Creating packaging that is recyclable is better for the environment as the materials won’t go to waste or landfill, they will be recycled and produced into a new product down the line.

The production of single plastics has created an environmental disaster for the earth, causing a rise in temperatures and destruction to wildlife and habitat. Lil Packaging has taken a huge initiative to help combat environmental issues by focusing on creating eco-friendly & recyclable packaging. All cardboard used by Lil Packaging is FSC / PEFC certified and one hundred percent recyclable material.

Why choose eco-friendly packaging?

Lil Packaging Eco Friendly

So, why should you be using environmentally friendly packaging? It benefits everybody, as every contribution helps to make the environment better. Eco friendly packaging is recyclable so it will create less waste for you, and less waste for the environment. Eco friendly packaging is just as good as normal single use material packaging, if not better. It’s strong, so if you are a seller or supplier of a product it will mean the customer can recycle the packaging they receive.
What are Lil Packaging doing to change?

To put it simply, Lil Packaging is ditching the plastic step by step. They have cut out plastic packaging with 3 major retailers, and redesigned all the glue used in the products to be produced from plant based adhesives. Replacing adhesives used by retailers and manufacturers is of key importance for Lil Packaging as many people don’t realise how every eco friendly replacement can make a difference. There is also a focus for a reduction of plastic inside Lil Packaging’s facilities. This is all a part of Lil Packaging strategy to be completely dependent upon recyclable packaging.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution to your packaging woes, head on over to Lil Packaging to find out how you can start making the little changes that make a big difference.

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