The Electronic Enterprise Hub is here to help promote and help all online businesses. If you have a website or blog that you’d like to promote then you can do that here. FREE of charge.

You can submit an article about your online business or blog and if it meets our guidelines*, we will feature it on the EEHub website and social media channels.

Contact us first, before submitting the article to let us know your URL and if its suitable then we will accept an article from you with one “Do Follow” link to your website and links to all your social media channels. You can provide up to 3 images and we will also embed a YouTube video if you have one.

Developing Self Employed and Start Ups

Our aim is to help for the online business community by developing tomorrows self-employed start-up businesses. We will over time provide useful knowledge and help for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs to set up and develop your own dynamic organisation.

We want to help your new business benefit not just you but the people that work in it, those that supply it and the community it’s in also.

Learn what you need to know to be able to deliver real economic growth for your new or existing company.

We don’t just encourage you we want to support you and other entrepreneurs like you throughout the UK.

If you have ambitions to be one of tomorrow's entrepreneurs, then you’ve come to the right place.

The EE Hub provider of entrepreneurial support

For anyone starting or running an online business you can often feel isolated with no real community support. EE Hub is here to offer in depth support to new entrepreneurs.

We want to encourage and help you to drive your business growth and with it other new enterprises and social enterprises.

EE Hub wants to inspire you to be able to create, innovate and give you the confidence to try new things.

Read about other companies who have posted their stories here and that should inspire you to submit your own story.

*No Adult or Gambling websites accepted see full guidelines here.

EE Hub

The business portal. 
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