Laser Hair Therapy- Is it a permanent fix to your unwanted hair?

Are you tired of shaving, plucking and tweezing your hair? Want a flawless, smooth skin for a longer period? This is where you need to shift to a laser hair removal procedure so that you can goodbye to your unwanted body hair. Once you switch to a laser, you can no longer go back to your shaving kit and tweezers because the method is effective and convenient.

What happens during the treatment?

Whilst the ongoing process of effective laser hair removal session, your doctor will choose high-heat light beams as radiation to break the hair follicles. The ray permeates through the skin’s surface and ruins the follicles, curbing its potential to grow. The sole purpose of these follicles is to produce new body hair and are located beneath the epidermis.

Laser Treatment.  Hair Removal

When excess heat is used to damage these follicles, hair growth is temporarily stopped. The major difference between waxing and laser therapy is that the former gets rid of the hair from the skin, without aiming for the follicles. Hence, waxing or shaving becomes a must every week or every 15 days.

Does laser last permanently?

Mostly, patients take laser treatment on back, chest, neck, bikini line and shoulders. Moreover, it works effectively on patients who have a pale complexion with darker hair. The light aims for the melanin in the hair, either eradicating them or lightening them. You can do some hair shedding after the first sitting, however, that does not tell you to stop visiting your dermatologist.

The entire technique is comparatively quick. Some body parts may be done within a few minutes, including upper lips, cheeks and eyebrows, but larger body parts like, the thighs, shoulders, back, abdomen and the chest may require a few hours and multiple sessions. Now, the major drawback is that the follicles will repair over time and generate new hair. When it grows back, it will be thinner.

How hair and skin colour make an impact?

By now, you have understood that laser works best on fairer complexions with darker body hair. The contrasting pigment makes it uncomplicated for the beam of rays to mark the hair and ruin the follicle. Now, if you are wondering how people with brown tones or lighter hair opt for this treatment. The answer is there are different kinds of laser lights, and a dermatologist knows what works the best.

Are there different types in this therapy?

As laser procedure is the most frequently used treatment, it comes with various types. Based on the complexion and hair colour, the kinds of laser techniques include Alexandrite, Diode, Ruby and YAG. The popular one is the alexandrite and suits people with a fairer skin shade. Additionally, the therapy has shorter wavelengths. This means that it does not cause any pain because the light does not penetrate skin deep.

In diode therapy, the wavelengths are larger and go deep into the skin. If you compare with other treatments, this category needs fewer sessions and is extremely effective for medium to darker textures.

Ruby laser therapy goes best with finer hair and lighter skin shade. This procedure is considered slower than the previous two and comes with different side effects. Hence, it has lost its popularity. YAG has the longest wavelength and therefore can give you pain and discomfort. It is designed to get rid of coarse, thick hair and is apt for darker shades again.

It is better to be in touch with the right technician to choose a suitable method.

What are the follow-up treatments?

Many do not understand the importance of follow-up sessions. If you want positive results and want to flaunt your skin, several sessions are recommended. The precise number of follow-ups required varies from one individual to another, but, according to dermatologists, people need at least 6 sessions or more. The bonus is that with each sitting you lose hair and notice fewer of them on your body. The quality and the colour too degrade, which makes you realise that the treatment is working. 

Additionally, you need proper skin maintenance before and after the procedure to enjoy the best outcome. This will not only guarantee your skin remains in good condition but also regenerate the follicles' growth.

Laser therapy is one of the most successful procedures, but you need to be consistent with it and have patience during the whole course of the treatment. Make sure that you know all the tiny details of the procedure before you book an appointment for an effective laser hair removal therapy.

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