Hawksbeck Garden Rooms is a bespoke garden room company based in Essex and London that designs and builds luxury garden rooms. They offer a wide range of garden rooms, which are all customisable for individual clients, so no garden room is the same as another. Choose from different cladding, glazing, doors and more to make your garden room suit your tastes and your needs.

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms is an industry-leading garden room provider, with each project being made with Structurally Insulated Panel’s, which keep your garden room warm in the Winter and cool in the summer. This not only makes your garden room more comfortable, but also makes it cheaper to keep and more eco-friendly with less energy needed to keep it warm or cool.

The eco-credentials of a Hawksbeck Garden Room are unrivalled, with each project being an eco-build that is 100% recyclable. All materials are sourced from a carbon neutral facility, using 65% less timber than other major garden room providers. There are eco-options you can add on to your garden room too, including an eco-roof with its own ecosystem.

Ever considered running a business from your shed?

You are in safe hands with Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, who offer a full turnkey service and a 10-year insurance-backed warranty, so you have peace of mind for years to come. If you are looking for an eco-friendly, bespoke garden room, contact Hawksbeck Garden Rooms now on 01277 414 586.

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