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As a director of a limited company, I was looking for a good company credit card and opted for the Capital on Tap (COT) business credit card as it is was free to sign up*, and there are no monthly or annual charges/fees.

When I started filling in the online application form, which only took three or four minutes btw, I came across a box that said promo code (optional).

So, I did a quick search for Capital on Tap Promo Code and found one which qualifies you for a £75 referral fee.

Capital on Tap Promo Code: 2REFC237G71

I used the code and successfully got the £75 credited to my account. You get the money not long after using the card for the first time. I was very pleased and I can vouch for the fact that it worked fine.

If you want to visit the website that I got the code from, it is here.

Sign up here

Visit the Capital on Tap website here but don't forget to enter the promo code, 2REFC237G71 when you complete the application form.

Credit Card Promo Code

All in all, I’ve been using the card for a while now and I’m very happy with it.

*The standard card I opted for is totally free to apply for but if you want, they do have an upgraded “Business Rewards” option that is £99 per year but you get points (a bit like a Tesco Clubcard) on all your purchases.

I think that would only be worthwhile if you plan on spending a lot via the card each month. If you want to read a full review of the card see Capital on Tap Credit Card Review.

What are Promo Codes?

If you’ve never used a promo code before he is some background information for you.

Promotional codes (promo codes) are generally used as a marketing tool to drum up business. Rather than drop the price of something across the board companies will use a promo code as a specific incentive, often to lure in new customers.

A mixture of letters and numbers make up the specific code and people that use that code on their application will often benefit from a discount or additional bonus.

When people use the specific codes it helps the company track the source of that new customer, so they know which elements of their marketing efforts are bringing in the most new customers.

The CoT code which we highlight here (2REFC237G71) is a refer a new customer one. This means the person using it will get a £75 welcome bonus if they sign up and start using the card.

Other financial companies use them but most of the time promo codes are used for online shopping websites.

Things like “use this code for 20% off” or “free delivery” etc.

Finding new customers is expensive so although giving away £75 of free money might seem a great deal for you the individual, it is also a good way for CoT to gain new account holders, so everybody wins.

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