AG Cranes

Based in the West Midlands AG Cranes Ltd is a premier UK supplier of the very best manufacturing gantry cranes.

They also supply and install a full range of jib cranes and A-Frame gantries either fixed or on wheels. These are especially useful for a variety of industrial uses and are often used inside warehouses or outside in the yard of factory etc.

Gantry Crane from AG Cranes

They also offer a service and maintenance schedule.

They can accommodate virtually every need and budget as they offer both new and used cranes for sale.

They are always on the lookout for stock, so if you are clearing out a factory unit which has overhead steel work and a gantry crane, they can help there too.

Removing an overhead crane isn’t as simple as hiring a couple of guys with a van and a pair of step ladders.

To safely remove travelling overhead gantry cranes you need the right equipment and years of experience to do it safely.

AG Cranes will not only take on that task for you, removing that potential headache for you, they’ll give you a great price for the crane and steelwork.

They will but virtually any type of crane if it is serviceable. So if you want to get rid of a single girder, double girder, electric chain hoists or any A-frames gantry’s just get in touch with them.

So if you are searching for the best quality overhead crane that money can buy call them today on 01527 894 825 or visit their website. BCP Crane.

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