About EE Hub

The eEnterprise Hub (EE Hub) is here to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and website owners promote their online business. We want to create a platform for brands to not just promote themselves but also find possible partners to collaborate with.

Post Covid-19 the way business operates has changed forever. There is something like 10 million people now working from home in the UK and worldwide the figure is into billions.

The aim of the Enterprise Hub is to help you establish your online business in the new world order.

EEHub is not a dating website but if we can match companies with bloggers and online entrepreneurs then that would be great. 

Covid-19 will change the world of business beyond recognition. We believe that eventually people would have moved to working from home more and more in the coming years but things that would have taken many years to develop will now be done in months.

Working from home/remote-working will no longer be questioned going forward. Many companies who have an old fashioned “brick & mortar” head office is starting to question why they commit to the expense of offices in city centres anymore.

What should you be doing?

There has never been a better time to have an online business. Big companies are desperate to promote their brand online so “influencers” and “bloggers” have a golden opportunity to take advantage of that fact.

When brands have a need you need to make sure you are ready to offer the solutions they are looking for. EEHub gives you opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to support them.

Get yourself listed as a Featured Website so when PR’s come to browse for someone to collaborate with you are at least in the shop window.

What We Do

We want to champion business online enabling new business start ups to get exposure for their ideas. 


Get your website listed as a featured website so our thousands of monthly visitors can find you.


If you are a PR looking for bloggers and influencers to work with then you can find them here.


We will post regular posts with the aim of improving your SEO knowledge and Social Media skills.

Join EE Hub

Get your website listed today and we will help promote it here on our website and via our social media outlets.

Basic listings are FREE and once accepted you will not be asked to pay in future years.

EE Hub

The first choice for bloggers, influencers and website owners to promote their online business.

If you are interested in working with us please get in touch.  
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