Help for the Business Community


If you have ambitions to be one of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our aim is to provide help for the business community by developing tomorrows self-employed start-up businesses. We can provide you all the knowledge and skills you need to set up your own dynamic organisation.

We want to help your new business benefit everyone concerned, not just you but the people that work in it, those that supply it and the community it’s in also.

Learn what you need to know to be able to deliver real economic growth with your new company.

We don’t just encourage you we want to support you and other entrepreneurs like you throughout the UK.

Training Events

We offer help and support through our entrepreneur training and seminar days. Our entrepreneur academy is open to all new start-ups, sole-traders and anyone who is considering of starting a new business.

Training Event

Our staff include a dynamic group of professionally qualified Personnel and Development experts holding industry recognised qualifications from the CIPD. They all work together to help achieve our common objectives of turning out tomorrow’s top entrepreneurs.

We want to help you build the right economic environment to nurture ethical businesses and drive forward with green principles giving you the knowledge and skills that can have the greatest impact on your success.

EEHub is here to help you develop the right mindset to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Cooperative Learning

A major part of the EEHub training courses involve small groups of entrepreneurs working together to take on the issues and challenges that face the UK business sector.

Our organisation aims to become the top provider of entrepreneurial backing in the United Kingdom.

Collaboration on Website Promotion

With help from existing businesses like NetOnTarget who are one of the foremost digital marketing firms in the UK, we can offer in depth support to new entrepreneurs.

NetOnTarget is a West Midlands based company who offer website design, development and promotion services to other businesses.

The senior team members at NetOnTarget attend our course and help to mentor our start up entrepreneurs.


From 2002 when it started NetOnTarget has offered help to hundreds of sole traders and small businesses owners.

There goals match ours in the drive to promote business growth and employment in the UK via the creation of new companies and community projects.

Our Office

We’ve tried to create a venue that puts people in the right frame of mind to be innovative.

Office EEHub

There is nothing more depressing than the standard bare meeting room with a boardroom style table and a flip chart with a wonky leg. We offer an inspiring place to hold a brainstorming session that can produce results.

We have data that proves every time that a creative environment is of paramount importance to coming up with dynamic ideas.

Active Learning

Action learning is an organised way a small group of people can work together to solve tough issues or difficulties that they commonly come across in their working lives.

Active Learning EEHub

This may be conflicts with staff, dealing with stress and a lack of growth potential. We use a “no voicing opinions” approach through open questions to help people in the group come up with their own ideas to problem solve rather than being lectured.

Skills Expansion

We can help you with useful management and supervisory skills to help you become a better leader of your team.

We’d really like to help managers become better at utilising their active listening skills and be able to build empathy with staff.

Staff Reviews

We can help you develop your performance review interviews with staff, so you can get the best out of them. Not only that they will feel valued as important members of the team.

The old methods of the “hamburger” model are out-dated although they are still preached as gospel by trainers who are still in the 1980’s. We believe that this feedback model can have a detrimental effect.

What can you Expect?

Our programmes cover a lot of ground. Our courses are suitable for those right at the beginning stages of their journey and the more advanced at the final stages of setting up their company.

You will get to hear from individuals from local authorities and other more established companies who will be happy to speak to you about their journeys. It’s always useful from people who have been there and bought the tee shirt.

French Travel Website

One of our frequent and most popular speakers at the events is David Griffiths who started the hugely successful Drive-France website in 2008.

David is happy to spend time with inexperienced sole traders and small business owners explaining some of the challenges starting off a company with nothing more than a passion for your business idea.

David’s hobby was driving in France and at first, he had no idea if he could even turn that hobby into a business. Now it’s so successful that it is considered one of the leading authorities on the subject.

His Driving in France Requirements Checklist page is one of the most “linked to” pages on that topic on the internet. This is due to its being constantly updated information on the current French driving regulations. Almost all the good French “holiday home” websites link to it as a “useful resource” for their guests who are driving to France.

Driving in France Checklist

How does he attract major companies to link to it? By building a relationship with his readers that creates a real bond.

Other websites make the mistake of putting up great content but then never ever reviewing it and ensuring it’s current. The Drive-France website is a trusted resource because people know the information is always accurate, relevant and up to date.

His passion for providing great free information means that the Drive-France website can get approaching a million website visitors per year. David is always happy to help other business owners and he promotes some really interesting “Places to Stay” which helps Gite owners in France get exposure for their holiday business.

All the new business owners who attend the courses, regardless of their niche, always want to pick David’s brains on how he got his website ranked so highly in the search engines.

Motorhome Business Owner

The Motor Home Depot has given us excellent feedback on the course they attended and a really positive testimonial.

“I spoke with the team at great length before during and after the seminar day I attended. They were so helpful. We are really reaping the rewards of all their suggestions and we’ve been able to come up with new ideas of our own as they’ve changed the way we think about fulfilling our customer requirements”.

secondhand motorhomes

“From our humble beginnings we now have as many as one hundred second-hand motorhomes for sale at any one time on the premises at our West Midlands showroom.”

Financial Help

Fancy £75 totally free? Every new start up business has difficulties from time to time with cash flow so we are pleased to be able to point you in the direction of a business credit card (business not a personal card).

If you click here you can read more details, but basically if you take out the card and then spend any amount on it the credit card company will deposit £75 in to your account as a gift. You can then spend this as you please.

The card offers.

Generous credit limits

Max of 56 days interest free period


No mark on your credit history if you apply

No monthly or application fees

Read more about the Company Credit Card with a free £75 here.

Other Great Resources

If you are serious about setting up a new company, then check out the government help that may be on offer to you.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have provided access to a lot of valuable information on their “Finance and support for your business” website page.