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We are proud to work with some amazing businesses and individuals throughout the East of England. Here's what some of students and partners say about us:

  • "The LGA Programme covered some good ground. There were people in attendance who were right at the beginning stages of their journeys, whereas I'm at the final stages of setting up the housing development company in West Suffolk. The types of things we covered were familiar to me, but you can always learn new things in these situations, so it was a useful experience. I particularly enjoyed hearing from individuals from local authorities who spoke to us about their journeys (they have been there and done it) in an enthused and passionate way. It was just as beneficial to be in front of local business professionals from a variety of different fields (E.G. finance and marketing) who gave us a totally different perspective."

    Jonathon Geel, Service Manager, Housing Development and Partnerships at West Suffolk Council

  • "I initially heard about the Entrepreneurial Leadership within Local Government (LGA) Programme through a few people who had previously taken part in the course - they recommended it to me. I found it to be useful but challenging at times; it was exhilarating and frustrating in places due to the nature of the barriers we were trying to work through. Ultimately, there were some key points that I'll definitely take away and try to apply to my work."

    Peter Guddy, Service Manager, West Suffolk Council

  • “Thanks again to the Hub for creating such an accommodating environment for us creative entrepreneurs to learn."

    Sarah, ReCreate Creative Entrepreneurs Programme

  • “First of all I want to say thanks for everything the Hub has done, it’s been very encouraging coming back into business and knowing how much support is available from you guys. Thanks for everything and I very much hope to have dealings with the Hub again in the future.”

    Andrew, ReCreate Creative Entrepreneurs Programme 2013

  • “Our journey with the Hub has been very interesting, and there have been some really inspiring sessions. The first hand advice has been incredibly useful; hearing first hand what entrepreneurs and business people have done and been through has allowed us to learn from their various experiences. We have also both has fantastic work placements, which have allowed us express our own ideas and experience what being a part of a small business is like.”

    Sam & Ruby, EA – Suffolk One

    Not likely… There is strength in number after all… Lets make the difference I would like to thanj each and everyone for making the experience of being in the class 2014 (at the EEHub) such a wonderful and fun experience…
    I found the whole process of working within this group of people to be inspiring and comforting (to know we all in the same fight) to accomplish something great with the mix of talents on display.”

    Martin, Ipswich 18 Graduate

  • “I would just like to say thank you for inviting us to be included in the Enterprise Academy 2015 live projects; as a business we have benefitted from having the students look at this area of the recruitment programmes and now understand better what students want to know from us, and how. I was lucky enough to get two great students and hopefully this is reflected in the feedback.”

    Lizzie Seaton, Celotex

  • “Kim – A BIG THANK YOU for letting me onto the ReCreate programme. I found it incredibly useful, not just for learning specific skills but also for building a wider perspective (which is what mu business is all about)!
    Coming from a creative background, I draw inspiration from the most unlikely of combinations, so to have been given the opportunity to sit amongst such a diverse talent-set was a real privilege!”

    Rosamund Webb, Creative Entrepreneurs Programme 2015

  • “This place brings me back to ‘me’ every time I spend a day with these wonderful and engaging people, We have also been so lucky to have had inspiring local speakers, and it just re-establishes what O always thought about networking in that it not only generates great contacts, it also creates friendships and provides a great sounding board for a new ideas, so thank you EEHub.”

    Raksha Bhoola, Ipswich 18 Programme 2015

  • “Kim,
    I would like formally thank you for your efforts, support, professionalism and dynamism to ensuring that the new Certificate of Enterpirse venture went so well.
    From planning, to programme design, session management and facilitating the employer projects, through graduation, your contribution has been invaluable.
    My thanks are also on behalf of the silent consumer, who will appreciate what they have experienced and the personal development they have achieved much later when they are adults, able to reflect on the access to opportunity afforded to them.”

    Mark Savage, ONE College