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Helping Essex entrepreneurs benefit from faster broadband. 

Earlier this year, we hosted Digital Business Workshops in partnership with Essex County Councils' Superfast Essex project.

These webinars capture key information, advice, and practical knowledge that the Digital Experts shared in each of the workshops and have been published in bite-size chunks.


How to Stay Ahead of Competitors Online

Session 1 - Technologies of Today
Session 2 - Mobile Responsive Websites
Session 3 - Driving Traffic to Your Website
Session 4 - Social Media Marketing
Session 5 - Cloud-based Systems

How to Promote Your Business Online

Session 1 - Online Training
Session 2 - Virtual Meetings
Session 3 and 4 - Attracting Online Customers
Session 5 - Social Media Engagement 
Session 6 - Financial Resilience 


How to Increase Your Web Traffic 
- By Amy Bramwell, Marketing Manager

For many start up entrepreneurs, one of the things they want more then anything else is... more customers. Having a functional, well-branded website is one of the surest ways to attract more potential clients, and so here are five tips on how you can increase your website traffic, and hopefully in turn, increase your sales. 
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Case Studies

Rachel Mower
P!ng Office and RachelMower.com

Michelle Pritchard
Find Your Spark Ltd

Marion Gordon
Ninth Planet Personnel

Lucy Ainger
Therapy Mistly

Kimberlee Warnes
Sweet Pea Wholefoods

Johnoi Josephs
Fused Roots

Jane Lines and Sandra Augusti
The Business Video Portal

Esther Jaiyesimi
Tadeor Accounts

Adel Salah
AMIK Nutrition

Online Tutorials

Learn top business tips from local industry experts.

Other Online Tutorials:

'Cash is King' - Nicola, Finance Director

'How to Increase your Web Traffic'
- Amy, Marketing Manager

'Vlogging for Business'
- Anne, Workingwordz Media

'Social Campaign for LinkedIn'
 - Amy, Marketing Manager

'Making a Promotional Video' - Lisa, Social Media Assistant

'Creating an Audience Persona' - Amy, Marketing Manager

'Appealing to Online Customers' - Lisa, Media Assistant


EEHub TV is the home of free, authentic business advice for start-up entrepreneurs. By watching our range of short videos, you will find out how to 'make it' as a successful entrepreneur, from some of the best people we know. 

Other EEHub TV Videos:

'Engaging with Local Media' - Terry Hunt, Editor at EADT

'Running Effective Campaigns' - Ben Gummer, Conservative MP

'Preparing for a TV Interview' - Broadcast Journalist, Stuart Jarrold

About Inspiring Enterprise 2016

Inspiring Enterprise 2016, which began in November, is a dynamic and engaging free course for start-up entrepreneurs who want to launch and monetise their business ideas. It enables entrepreneurs, living in Essex, to develop everything they need to know about running their own enterprise, and is built around the Eastern Enterprise Hub's proven methodology of the high level knowledge transfer between 'student entrepreneur' and successful business leaders. For more information please visit our webpage

As well as receiving expert business advice throughout the course, entrepreneurs will also be able to pitch for cash prizes (up to £2,000) to further develop their enterprise ideas. 

Essex Innovation Programme
The course is fully sponsored by Essex Innovation Programme (EIP), a no fee programme which is run by Essex County Council, helping companies; small to medium, start-up and established, to develop and exploit their creative and innovative commercial development ideas. To find out more visit www.EssexInnovation.co.uk