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Action Learning Sets

What is Action Learning?

A key part of School for Social Entrepreneurs courses, Action Learning Sets involve small groups of entrepreneurs working cooperatively to tackle issues and problems. Find out more in this short animation.

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What is an Action Learning Set (ALS)?

An Action Learning Set is a structured method where a group of people, usually between 6-8, can meet and work through issues or difficulties that they are having in their professional lives. Complicated work issues such as conflicts with a colleague, managing stress and a lack of opportunities to progress are tackled with open questions and a no-advice-giving approach. Through this powerful structure, participants can come up with their own solutions rather than being told what to do.

To further understand how Action Learning Sets work, watch this short video by SSE Hampshire

Skill Development

Action learning sets develop key skills essential to effective management such as listening, assertion, management of emotion, building empathy and giving and receiving feedback.

A quote from an Eastern Enterprise Hub student who took part in a recent Action Learning Set:

"Thank you for such a great and inspiring day at the Hub. I was really buzzing after the Action Learning Set, and happy that our presenter found the session useful and that they had an epiphany!"

If you would like to find out more about joining an Eastern Enterprise Hub Action Learning Set, please call Amy on 01473 527100 or email