Rachel Mower

P!ng Office and RachelMower.com
Attending Inspiring Enterprise 2016 Programme

P!NG Office is an Internet based office and Home furniture business. P!NG provides affordable ergonomic furniture, with many available for fast free 24hr delivery throughout the UK. RachelMower.com houses my works of design, illustration, printmaking, painting and collage. I am in the process of expanding into the textile sector having designed my own fabrics creating blanket pods and quilts.

Started business: 
I started the furniture business about a year ago. I started the blanket pods and quilts only about 2 months ago.

No. of employees before starting Inspiring Enterprise 2016? 
Before the programme started it was just me running both the businesses. I have now got a business partner that works with me on P!ng Office.

Best thing about Inspiring Enterprise 2016?
“The wealth of knowledge I have achieved by all visitors that come in and had a talk with us. Even if they are points that I can’t put into practice yet. I have made brilliant contacts through the hub it’s been very useful.”

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