Johnoi Josephs

Fused Roots 
Attending Inspiring Enterprise 2016 Programme

An African Caribbean food delivery service. Provide catering for events and lunch for work places.

Started business: 

I started my business in 2014. We won the Essex start up prize, since then it has been off and on as we are university students. This will be our third year.

No. of employees before starting Inspiring Enterprise 2016? 
It’s a co-founded company with me and my partner Ashley. But we do have close friends who volunteer and help out.  So before we started it we had around 5 people. We did all the cooking ourselves as well.

Best thing about Inspiring Enterprise 2016?
“The programme helped us to scale our business and forced us to be sensible and think more realistically about our business. Every week we focused on a different concept such as social media, accounting and financing and stuff like that. So the programme has forced me to deal with issues that I wouldn't usually deal with.”

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