Jane Lines and Sandra Augusti

The Business Video Portal 
Attending Inspiring Enterprise 2016 Programme

The Business Video Portal (The BVP) © is a unique online directory that allows businesses to highlight their products and services through a high quality video that is listed and promoted through our directory and social media channels. This exclusive platform allows potential customers a real insight into the heart and character of a business. This has been designed to be an affordable and effective marketing tool that will make your business stand out in the Suffolk & Essex area.

Started business: 
March 2016

No. of employees before starting Inspiring Enterprise 2016? 
Just us.

Best thing about Inspiring Enterprise 2016?
“The best thing about the programme so far is all the support and knowledge and meeting all the other people on the programme and seeing their progress as well. Sharing experiences with the group. Because we do all interact and help each other. We are a very friendly group, which what it’s all about. We encourage each other every week, so if somebody is down we try and pick them up. It’s nice to see everyone’s story, everyone has grown so much since the start. When we think back to the first week it’s like we were babies! In such a short period of time we have grown so much. Coming here is like a reassurance.”

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