Adel Salah

AMIK Nutrition 
Attending Inspiring Enterprise 2016 Programme

We aim to supply healthy ready meals that are calorie and macro counted to your specific needs fresh to your door, this will be available online and via an app to make it easily accessible. With a qualification in catering and hospitality and 14 years’ experience I felt it was time for a new challenge. Knowing my own struggles after work to prepare myself a healthy fresh dinner I decided that this was a target market and wanted to help other people to achieve their health goals as nutrition plays a large part in fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Started business: 
My business hasn't started as such. I haven't yet made a sale. At the moment I am getting everything together. All the pieces are slowly being placed together.

No. of employees before starting Inspiring Enterprise 2016? 
At the moment it is just me. I’m a self-trader. Eventually, with growth, I'm looking to have someone cook full time.

Best thing about Inspiring Enterprise 2016?
“I think it’s just the networking side of things, it’s nice to have a small group of people and see how everyone else is progressing. Meeting these different people each week, you get to see the different aspects of business that people in employment don't ever have to worry about. It has changed my mind-set from the employee to the employer.”

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