Jo Douglas

Allied Health Professionals (Suffolk)

Attended SSE East Fellowship Programme 2011

Allied Health Professionals (Suffolk) delivers community-based physiotherapy for people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders throughout Suffolk and beyond.

Started business: July 2011

No. of employees before the SSE East Fellowship Programme: 63

No. of employees after the SSE East Fellowship Programme: 150

Turnover: £15 Million

Best thing about the SSE East Fellowship Programme:

“The Eastern Enterprise Hub enabled me to just get on and ‘do it’ – it stopped me from always asking for permission… Proceed until apprehended!

“During my time on the SSE East Fellowship Programme, my confidence grew and so did my ‘Little Black Book’. Initially, speaking to local business professionals was quite daunting, but now some of those people have become my colleagues, which might not have happened if I didn’t get involved with the Eastern Enterprise Hub. It is a very well networked place that is always expanding. The Hub staff understand that those first few contacts are invaluable when you are starting out.”

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