Raksha Bhoola

- Currently a student on our Ipswich 18 Programme 2015

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

“I’m married and I have two children, aged three and five. I’ve been unemployed from the media industry since 2012 due to a very grueling and frightening diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal Cancer. After fighting for my life and getting the all clear two years later, I decided to put my media career on hold and give myself some much needed time off!”

What’s your business offering?

“I started Promotype Ltd back in February 2015; we sell self-adhesive microfibre screen wipes, which can be branded for companies. I’m currently running from my home in Ipswich; working mornings and evenings from my multifunctional dining room table!"

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

“I have loved, and still love being a stay-at-home mum to my kids. However, towards the end of last year and as my little girl started a few mornings at nursery, I got the itch and decided to start my own venture. With absolutely no intention of jeopardising my family time, I’m determined to take it slow.”

What progress have you made whilst being on the Ipswich 18 Programme?

“Since joining the programme at the EEHub, and after speaking to several family members and friends, I now realise that my product is innovative, and something that I can offer initially on a local basis, but with a view to spreading out nationally later.  I’ve been researching and realise that there is a market for this kind of product, and have now got myself an initial client in Suffolk. The volumes are not huge, however as I move forward, I intend to attract many other potential clients. I’ve looked at different industries and am keen to get started, and of course to ‘wow’ businesses with what I can offer them.”

What’s the best thing about the EEHub?

“This is not an easy question to answer because I’m indebted to the EEHub and filled with gratitude from my initial meeting with Amy and her positive nature, to then being in a room with an enlightening tutor like Chanel, followed by my fellow students and entrepreneurs who I look forward to spending time with weekly!”

“This place brings me back to ‘me’ every time I spend a day with these wonderful and engaging people. We have also been so lucky to have had inspiring local speakers, and it just re-establishes what I always thought about networking in that it not only generates great contacts, it also creates friendships and provides a great sounding board for new ideas, so thank you EEHub.”

What’s your Golden Nugget of advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Following our latest inspiration speaker session at the EEHub (Christine Garner who spoke on Leadership), I for one am in absolute favour of saying that ‘Leadership begins within’ – I know now that one cannot be good at anything until one feels good inside, so focus on self-care because you owe it to yourself.”

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