Tim Thorpe

ECOphysical is a 'green gym' that promotes fitness through outdoor exercise in many different forms.

ECOphysical will rejuvenate, create and maintain private land and public open space. These can be recreational areas, parks, allotments, play areas, waste land etc. Also offering crafts and hobbies; anything that improves fitness and wellbeing while being surrounded by nature. I would like it to be advertised as a gym with the benefits of fresh air, natural light, constant variation in exercise regimes, social interaction and benefitting the community through nominated projects 

The idea came to me that many jobs in the past were physical. People never had to keep fit out of work hours. These days, people have to exercise in their free time to stay fit, yet do so in very antisocial ways, either harming the environment, or at least doing very little to improve it. 
Hands on skills and land management knowledge have been lost by huge percentages of the population, yet many want to be more eco-friendly and contribute to improving the environment. 

I aim to create an experience that goes against all the negative connotations that come with keeping fit. e.g. being stuck indoors at the gym when you have been indoors all day.

I don't think there is any all-encompassing, strong brand out there, that has yet to offer EVERYTHING that a Green gym should. I therefore hope there is potential to develop this. 

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