Izzy Ixer

Blue Pebble Coaching Ltd

Are you expanding your business? Do you need support to meet new challenges?  Maybe your teams are finding it tough working together?  Or perhaps you have your own goals and need help to achieve them?  I can help.

I am a skilled coach and mentor with over 20 years' experience of managing service delivery teams, achieving business transformation and supporting personal growth.  I use a variety of coaching techniques to develop teams and individuals and help them reach their goals.  This approach also works for problem projects and for bringing teams together.

When you're ready to grow your business, your people or yourself, contact Izzy Ixer on 07711305264 or by email at izzy@blupebblecoaching.co.uk.  

Website: www.bluepebblecoaching.co.uk

Don't keep it to yourself  - coaching is for everyone!

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