Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews

Hello my name is Lisa Mathews and founder of Nature Citizen, which aim's  to raise awareness about the importance of the Natural World on our lives.
This will be achieved through the:

Nature Citizen Programme  - We will visit schools locally, pilot the new workshops, then put them on the website. They will be linked to the curriculum, presented in a lesson plan format and provide information on the natural world and our health and well-being.The idea is to build this programme year on year and take the current children in reception all the way through school. So that when they leave school they have conservation in mind wherever they go in the world.

Our first topic is bees. We've visited schools dressed up as bees and delivered two hour fun activity session, where the children decorated, then dressed up in their bee wings, antennae and stinger and played games learning about bees and the importance of them on our lives. The focus behind the delivery of the workshops is that I believe children learn best through movement and play. 

Nature Citizen Community Project's - We will look at the Parish as a whole, how the land was used historically, how it is now and explore the potential to create more Nature Spaces for wildlife to flourish, compile a list of potential actions, share this and encourage community participation.

The Nature Citizen Website - Will contain information for a wider audience about the Natural World and action to help it. The Website will also contain the Nature Citizen Programme and the Nature Citizen Community Project.

Our main message is 'Be a Nature Citizen, create a Nature Space and together we build a Nature Network'.

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