My Time at the Eastern Enterprise Hub: Last Day

- By Tom Savage, Work Experience 

I am now coming to the end of my work placement, here at the Eastern Enterprise Hub. I have been involved in various activities and events. One of these events has been the More Than Mum fundraiser. My role for the fundraiser was photographer. I also tweeted about the event on Twitter. We were very proud of the girls as they took it very professionally and managed to raise £236.31 for the CLIC Sargent charity.

Although i have only spend the past week at the hub it has really shown me the full experience of adult work. I tried to be as most help as i could, assisting the team by focusing on case studies and social media. I have to say i enjoyed the creative element behind this job such as taking pictures, creating word clouds and working with the hubs social media. Then again i think transcriptions are key in the success of the marketing of the hub, therefore they have to be completed.

The Eastern Enterprise Hub has a brilliant team of people who are hardworking and focused. Their creative courses are always a success and provide excellent support and help to those in need. There is no tension in the office and everyone are friends, i think this creates a stable work atmosphere for initiative work to be produced.

For me as a student in year 10 this work placement, although not every work environment is like this, has been an interesting view into the maturity of working in a vibrant place like this. I wish all the people of the eastern enterprise hub good luck for the future.