My Time at the Eastern Enterprise Hub: Day One

- By Tom Savage, Work Experience

I am currently at the Colne Community School and College studying business, art and geography.  I have chosen the Eastern Enterprise hub to give me a taster on what the working world is like. As a student of 15 years of age, I have been really exited to be working on promoting a business using social media. Instagram and Facebook play a big part of my life so I would like to think I stand a decent chance in presenting ideas and working with social media. Being a student studying the arts also boosts my interest in taking pictures and promoting the Eastern Enterprise Hub and its wonderful events.

Having only experienced one day of adult work I can say, so far, it has been very productive and sufficient. The level of freedom that school doesn’t provide is a surprising change to the system. The mood is informal and friendly and gives you the ideal environment for work to be achieved. Although I was skeptical, the people who work here are comforting and kind allowing me to achieve the full experience of work for the very first time.

The facilities are amazing and provide the perfect environment for work. Located right by the side of the docks in Ipswich, the stunning building is a huge complex of growing businesses and advancement.

I’m certain that, by the end of my work experience, I will of faced the independent tasks that come with this job. Although I have only faced 1 day of experiencing the world of work, it has made me aware of the level of independence that comes with it. Personally I think I thrive I independent situations, so acknowledging this is enlightening.

I am now much more enthusiastic about the following days, that I’m glad to say, I will be spending at the Eastern Enterprise Hub.