How to Develop a Social Media Campaign

By Lisa Mach, Social Media and Communications Assistant

A social media campaign is essentially a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. It is usually in the form of a calendar with dates next to the contents you hope to post on the day. Here are my top tips on how to develop your own social media campaign:
  • Effectively you want to develop a monthly campaign. A weekly campaign would just take up too much time and a yearly campaign would just be inefficient.
  • To develop an effective social media campaign you firstly need to understand just what is happening with your enterprise throughout the next month or so.
  • So get out your calendar and mark down relevant and important dates, whether it is a function you’re running, an exciting event you’re attending or just something fun going on in the world that you would really like to associate your business with.
  • You want to promote yourself and your business in association with those events and special days.
  • Create an editorial calendar.
  • Your editorial calendar lists the dates and times you intend to post blogs, Facebook posts and your Twitter messages. This will be helpful when organizing what, when and where to post.
  • The contents themselves should be engaging, refreshing and fun. Nothing too long or too saturated with information, use links and hashtags where possible but remember to keep the content short and snappy.
  • Make sure these posts are achievable within the time frame, you don’t want to schedule content of which haven’t been created yet such as video blogs and pictures.
  • Schedule your posts in advance rather than updating constantly throughout the day using hootsuite or tweetdeck.


A helpful tip when it comes to creating engaging conent: write a blog post! You should be able to at least get 10 different posts out of one blog post. This will save you so much time!

With these helpful tips I’m sure you’ll be well on your way to creating an engaging social media campaign.