Jedi Mind Tricks for Business

Building your business is always hard, and even harder when working from home. That being said, we can offer you some tips for becoming a Jedi master to keep your mind focused at home:

Centre Yourself
At your office, that is. The only place you need to be during work hours is at your desk, doing your job. Not watching TV and not doing house work. Focus, people! It can be a challenge with so many temptations luring you away from getting work done, but if you give in, you’ll be wasting precious time.

More Organised Shall You Be
The more organised your office is, the more productive you will be. At least, that’s what Yoda says. Set your office up so that any files, paper, pens, or scissors you need during the typical day are within reach so you’re not getting up and risking distractions again.

Create Your Command Centre
If you run your business from home, it is important that you dedicate space as your office, however small it may be. The purpose here is to ensure you have an area to get work done that is separate from your relaxing area. This is especially important when you close up shop for the day and want to remove yourself from the temptation to send one last email out. 

Use the Force 
Nothing short of The Force can get the most shyest of us out of our comfort zones and networking. But, remember that meeting people is important to the growth of your business, so find local networking groups that include potential customers and put those events on your calendar. Don’t forget to actually attend them!

Use Your Light Saber to Dazzle People
Rather than focus on the fact that you’re a small business, put the focus on your stellar products, services, or customer support. You absolutely can compete with the bigger players, so dazzle them!

Find Your Fellow Jedis
There are legions of other small business owners out there;  finding and connecting with them can make you feel like part of a community. Social media is a great place to find them. You can learn a lot and connect with different types of businesses who can help you grow.