How to enhance the experience of your online visitors

Whether you have a website or use social media to advertise your enterprise there are certain ingredients needed to attract new audience members, as well as keeping your old ones genuinely interested.

By adding great content to your online sites regularly you will provide useful resources to visitors and publish more pages for search engines to index. In this post, we hope to share with you some tips on how you can increase your online presence. 

Design. If you use a blog and/or website for your business it is important it looks professional and uncluttered. One mistake a lot of bloggers make is to place too many non-essential images on their pages. Visitors will see this and click off before even reading about your enterprise.

Interaction with readers is a key part of building your audience. It gives you a chance to know your audience and in turn help your online presence grow.

Make it easy for visitors to share your content. If you want to increase the number of times your content is read you need to make it assessable for more people to read. The Social media share button is best used to spend you content.

Visuals.  High quality photography, graphics and videos are not only impactful ways to communicate your brand, but enhance your visitor’s experience. Your visuals should reflect the way you wish your business to be seen. One mistake many new businesses make is underselling their images; poor quality gives the impression of poor business (you can enhance the images you have with free online websites such as Gimpshop and Pixlr or if you don’t mind spending a bit more, Adobe Photoshop is a handy tool to have).

Create compelling headlines. A Compelling headline is what draws your readership in. Come up with a snappy title and add in visuals to attract attention.

Choose your topics wisely. The topic you choose for your business should be influenced by the type for people who read your articles. Make sure the topic selected for your blogs and sites are high quality reads and consistent with the type of business you run (focus on quality content not quantity). It also helps to research in detail the particular topic you want to write about instead of jumping in head first.

Test, adjust and repeat. In all business there is an aspect of learning. To develop, you’re going to have to test ideas and know that mistakes do happen; just learn from them and move on.

Be professional but friendly.  As part for your interaction with the audience it is important to be friendly. It takes two to tango so a friendly reply to an inquiry is always positive. 

Surprises. A way of keeping readers interested is to come up with new ways of keeping them interested. Creating events to advertise work, as well as to share work.

There are countless online resources to help you in your enterprise, so don’t be afraid to try them all and find your businesses best outlet. Make it your own!