The Top 5 Myths Of Starting Your Own Business…

1. Create it, and the customers will come. 


Customers won’t recognise a product as good until word has spread! They won’t even know the product exists until they see it, so make sure the product is accessible visually and physically. Do some market research and then promote your product to specific targets, this will properly distribute your creation!

2. I’ll lead a glamorous lifestyle after starting my business.

FALSE! (Not immediately at least)

Sure, you can be your own boss but that doesn’t exactly lead to a ‘glamorous’ lifestyle. Starting a business takes plenty of hard work and commitment so it will take some time for you to reap the benefits. It’s best not to expect instant riches and to be realistic, plenty of business owners make a comfortable living but there is definitely hope for enormous success.

3. I don't know anything about marketing! 


Marketing is just another word for spreading your ideas, and who knows your idea better than you? No one. Present, explain and convince, because being the sole believer in your product, you are motivated to promote your wonderful product in the ways you know best.    

4. I shouldn't start a business in this economy. 


Tough times call for harder work but that’s life, don’t let the financial slump in the economy get you and your entrepreneurial strife down. FedEx, Burger King, Microsoft, Hyatt Hotels all were built during times of recession, so if they can do it, why can’t you? The most glorious businesses are the ones that rise from the ashes. 

5. Success is about making money. 


Making money will always be a benefit but it’s not the only one. Striving to make profits will be tiring and often that will take the fun out of being your own boss. Make goals whilst bringing the money in, and enjoy the process because the journey is the most rewarding part.