Our Board

Julian Evans - Chair

Lives: Wickham Market in Suffolk - a wonderful place to live
Loves: Riding around on my mountain bike, especially if my family come with me
Hates: That's a strong word! I guess never having enough time is my biggest grumble
Laughs: My children laughing - its infectious
Hopes: I have a lot of these - a damn good lottery win would answer most of them!
Thinks: How will this be used and why do I look older in my photograph?

  • Chris Bally

    East Ipswich
    Loves: Family, Suffolk and sport
    Hates: That people think Suffolk lacks aspiration
    Laughs: My daughters and their antics!
    Hopes: I can support the development of the Eastern Enterprise Hub
    Thinks: I am energetic, enthusiastic and creative

  • Helen Code

    Lives: Kelvedon, Essex
    Loves: Bright sunny days spent in the garden and playing tennis
    Hates: Rude people; treat others as you wish to be treated
    Laughs: Ridiculous fashion
    Hopes: For a big lottery win (!) but failing that, to continue working to deliver projects that make a difference to the area and to impact on people's lives in a positive way
    Thinks: I can help to make a difference locally

  • Don Young

    Lives: Cretingham
    Loves: My wife Charlotte
    Hates: Bad food, fashion & style, and buying things for the sake of it
    Laughs: At the One Show
    Hopes: I am a good pilot and seaman
    Thinks: I am feisty, enthusiastic and humorous   


Matthew Cole

Lives: Rickinghall, Suffolk
Loves: My family
Hates: Nothing... why waste your energy?
Laughs: Frequently, and often at inappropriate moments
Hopes: All will be well
Thinks: That all will be well!